Mandolin's Historical Tradition

Mandolin family instruments (mandolin, mandola and mandocello) can be considered as the most "Advanced" modern soprano lute, who was known in Europe as early as 1300, and who had great resonance in the 18th century on the occasion of the Baroque school.The mandolin has an ancient history, punctuated by moments of great fortune and popularity, during which it is most often associated with a purely aristocratic audience.Today's resurgence of the mandolin is originated thanks to the rediscovery and re-evaluation of the original mandolin orchestra repertoire, boasting works by composers such as Hoffman, Hummel, Scarlatti, Vivaldi and Beethoven.The history and tradition of the mandolin is so much broader than that, better known and popular, in which the world considers the mandolin exclusively linked to the Neapolitan song, although this combination is a good example of musical and melodic affinity. >