Associacion Board & Location

Offices are located in a Savona, Via dei Carpentieri, 1

The activities are regulated by the Association's Staute and are managed by the Direction Board. At present the Board is formed by five members encharged as follows:

Giorgio Musso Presidente
Maria Grazia Criscenzo Vice Presidente
Gianni Masini Segretario
Maria Grazia Goslino Consigliere
Francesca Tenti Tesoriere

Mariangela Bombo Revisore dei Conti

The secretariat is located in the Savona's headquarter.According to its Statute the A. Vivaldi Ensemble aims at participating to musical events organized by, or in collaboration with, public institutions, cultural organizations, etc.
The Ensemble may also have the role of accompaniment in events or cerimonies (, playing musics from its repertoire.

  1. Statute